Beyond Spanish

After completing Spanish Over Coffee, our students find that connection and communication flourish.

Beyond Barriers
This is a conversation about fear and speaking with others: “I don’t want to bother people”, “offend
someone”, “say something wrong” or “look stupid”. Although this comes up while acquiring a second
language, these are barriers in every day conversation. Students learn to look past these fears,
opening up communication in all areas of their life.

Creating Relationships
To learn Spanish, a student must allow vulnerability and practice requesting assistance from bosses,
employees, strangers, family members & friends. When someone is willing to ask for help, they
instantly become connected on another level. It opens the opportunity for everyone to be honest
and learn from one another.

Authentic Communication
Active listening is required while acquiring a second language. Every word counts. We train our students
in the distinction of hearing with certainty and clarity and without guessing. We say, “unless you are
willing to bet your car you understood what was just said, than assume you don’t have it.” Out of the
course, students start to notice how much they are assuming they understand in English. They begin
actively listening to everyone and communication improves everywhere.


Beyond Team-Building

Because our promise is to leave our students with the tools to speak to anyone, anytime, anywhere
and learn from every opportunity, our students reach outside of their comfort zone. They start
speaking and interacting with people they wouldn’t have done before. They start to experience themselves
as a team member rather than an individual.

Truly International
Often, foreign employees congregate with other foreign employees, particularly those who speak the
same language. Separate work cultures emerge – English speaking and non. Out of the course,
students who are learning a foreign language step across these cultural barriers and opportunities for
ideas and sharing blossom.